LICALIVA International Go Club of Toronto



The game of GO originated in China about 4000-4500 years ago.

It was considered one of the four essential arts of a cultured Chinese scholar in antiquity

and is described as a worthy pastime for a gentleman in the Analects of Confucius.

The rules of GO are simple, but the depth and strategy of the game is unsurpassed.

It reached Korea by the 5th century, in the 7th century it had reached Japan.

The game did not become popular in the West until the late 19th century.

About The Club

Our club was set up in March, 2017. We select the top players

in Canada to form our club team every year. We are the only club

that registered in City Weiqi League (CWL). All our players must

register themselves in the CWL for the tournament.

More information can be found on the CWL website.

Hints For Beginners


Three Web Sites for Learners:

Several Go Web Sites in Canada



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Through market liberalization, the City Weiqi League will advance the commercialization of the Weiqi industry in China, thereby eventually achieving mutual benefits among government bodies, enterprises, gamers, and the community.
The CGA is now offering free memberships. Join your fellow competitors in the great white north. Play in the online league and in local tournaments to see how you stack up.